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EERA Spring School


Projektlaufzeit: 01.01.2016 bis 31.12.2016

EERA Spring School on Advanced Methods in Educational Research

In the annual one-week Spring Schools, advanced methods in educational research are imparted to 25 European doctoral students and postdocs. This year, the Spring School takes place in Oslo and focuses on "Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling". 


The annual Spring Schools on Advanced Methods in Educational Research aim to promote excellent European early-stage scientists.  In the one-week workshops in English language, not only content-knowledge on advanced and innovative methods are imparted, these are also combined with concrete applications in educational research. The implementation of the methodological knowledge in statistical software packages complete the picture of the program and foster knowledge transfer in the long term. During short presentations, the early-stage researchers additionally have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research projects. Lately, Pecha Kucha presentations are employed as format of these short presentations. These further foster the subject-specific exchange between participants, lecturers, and the Spring School committee.  

This year, the Spring School focuses on "Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling". The lecturer Todd D. Little from Texas Tech University (USA) presents foundations as well as recent developments in longitudinal research. The workshop covers design, measurement, and analysis issues. Three primary models for longitudinal research, the Panel Model, the Growth Model, and the Intra-Individual P-Technique Model, are treated. The participants learn when each model is preferred and how to interpret the parameters of each model.  

The Spring School takes place in April 18-22, 2016 at the University of Oslo at the Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO), Norway.  

The Spring Schools are jointly conceptualized and organized by the IFS and the Universities of Oslo, Gothenburg, Cyprus, and Oxford. Former Spring Schools also invited excellent lecturers to impart advanced knowledge: Katherine E. Masyn (Harvard University), Ludger Woessmann and Guido Schwerdt (ifo Institute Munich), Joop Hox (Utrecht University), Daniel Caro (University of Oxford), Elisabeth A. Stuart (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore), Richard Shavelson (Stanford University), Mark Wilson, and Karen Draney (UC Berkeley). 
Doctoral students and postdocs who would like to take part apply with an abstract, a CV, as well as a letter of recommendation.

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