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Application for Online Conference: „Science and Academic teaching in times of crisis”

“Education is a social process; education is growth; Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

“In its deepest and richest sense a community must always remain a matter of face-to-face intercourse.”

John Dewey, (1859-1952, American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer)

Online-Webinar: „Science and Academic teaching in times of crisis”Announcement Webinar 20 6

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has a great impact on academic life all over the world. As of right now – middle of June 2020 – an end to these conditions seems unforeseeable. With no doubt the continuation of study programs via online based distance learning concepts is of major importance not just for students and lecturers, but for civil society in general. Furthermore, the great transformative potential to modernize teaching and learning has been argued.

However, academic discourse in face-to-face interaction as well as cooperative learning among students which are an essential part of university teaching are largely abandoned from the curriculum due to the current exceptional situation.  John Dewey one of the great thinkers of the 20th century reminds us, how important direct encounters and discourse are to develop our communities based on participation, engaged citizenship as well as social cohesion and harmony. In the times of conflict and transformation, this wisdom may appear even more vital than in times of peace and stability.

Within in the RESI-Project for over past 4 years the academics from Iraq, Austria and Germany have been forming a network and initiating a dialogue on the role of higher education institutions in reconstruction and reconciliation processes. Here the key themes of the role of science, digitalization, integration, and sustainability have been individually addressed and discussed in broader academic conferences with students across various academic disciplines. Given the new global circumstances and challenges we would like to invite academics to join our discourse and reconsiderations in the light of the unprecedented crisis.

The aim of the webinar is to bring together academics from Iraq, Austria and Germany to discuss and reflect on the following key questions across disciplines:

-          What are the potentials, opportunities, limitations and boundaries of online-learning to ensure mass education and modernize academic teaching?

-          Is losing touch to students and colleagues in a conventional classroom pedagogy a threat to science and teaching particularly in the context of recently initiated reconciliation processes? To what extent are different disciplines affected? What could be the potential models or best practices to reduce risks and to support social learning processes beyond knowledge transfer?

Target group: Lecturers/university staff of all faculties at Mosul University, Dohuk University, TU Dortmund University/Dortmund, Germany and University of Graz/Graz, Austria. Scholars from other universities are invited to participate as audience.

Attending the conference is open to up to 300 academics. Academics that wish to present ideas or best practices in 5 minutes talks are invited to submit an abstract (250 words) on their idea in English Language. Applications of presenters will be accepted until 15.06 at the latest.

Mode of Operation: Online Webinar, hosted by Graz University (big blue button)

Duration: approx. 150 Minutes


Do you wish to contribute with a 5 minutes presentation to our conference

If you would like to have contribute a presentation, please write a short abstract (at least 250 words) of your idea in the field below. Thank you.


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