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Welcome to our praxisportal!

We provide you with current research results on education, schooling, and instruction. All work was done by researchers from the Center for Research on Education and School Development (IFS). All topics are presented to you in German and free for download.

Information: The cash files are in pdf-format. In order to open these files one needs a pdf-reader.

Words learn by the way? Impact of implicit vocabulary promotion for primary schoolchildren


01.12.2016 – How effective is implicit vocabulary promotion for primary schoolchildren? In addition to a thematic introduction and current research findings, this article also provides practical tools for assessing the vocabulary skills of the pupils.


Boys just want to read adventures?! Differences in interest of reading among girls and boys


01.10.2016 – Learning to read with texts that are equally interesting for boys and girls - Which texts do fulfill this criterion?
Here you'll get more information about gender differences. You can also download the short questionnaire "interest in texts" (available in German only).


Reading competences and reading motivation in primary school age children

Lesekompetenz und -motivation(1)

01.08.2016 – This short article provides information on reading competence, motivation and their interplay in school age children. You can download a questionnaire (in German only), which can be used for assessment of reading frequency and reading motivation of elementary students.


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