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Surveys in the projects FALKE and BiSS EvalLesen successfully completed


18.07.2017 – Over the past few weeks, the teams of the projects FALKE and BiSS EvalLesen have successfully assessed students, parents, teachers, and primary school teachers in regard to students’ reading competencies and their corresponding context factors. In addition to the paper based questionnaire survey, FALKE also used tablets as a survey medium. The German-wide surveys could only be carried out with the support of many schools and families - Thanks to all involved!


Appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Decade of Literacy and Basic Education

Prof. Dr. Nele McElvany

14.07.2017 – Professor McElvany was appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Decade of Literacy and Basic Education. At the end of June, a meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council and the Board of Trustees of the National Decade took place in Bonn, in which the Advisory Council gave an opinion on the further definition and implementation of the objectives and recommendations of the Decade.


Talk by Prof. Liliana Garces from University of Austin, Texas


06.07.2017 – Professor Liliana Garces visited the IFS on the occasion of a guest lecture during this year's lecture series. In addition to her talk on the subject of "Education Policy Studies: Affirmative Action in the US - historical beginnings and latest developments" an intensive exchange to current research and perspectives took place.


3rd Dortmund Symposium was complete success


23.06.2017 – At 22nd of June the 3rd Dortmund Symposium addressed the issue of conditions of successful education careers in societal heterogeneity. Scientific exchange was supported by contributions from education research, educational sciences, psychology, didactics, and sociology. Many experts could be won for contributions: amongst other professor Solga with team, professor Schindler, professor em. Esser, professor Hardy, and professor Maaz. Furthermore, young researchers presented their research projects at the main meeting as well as at a poster session the day before.


Extension of the project Developing Potentials – Empowering Schools till September 2019


08.06.2017 – The Stiftung Mercator agreed with an extension of the joint project Developing Potentials – Empowering Schools till the end of September 2019.
Therefore, the school development work on network- and school-level of 34 project schools can be continued till the end of 2018. Especially transfer processes in schools and systemic contexts can be planed and implemented sustainably. The last year provides additional time for analyses of the obtained quantitative and qualitative data.


International cooperation with University of Mosul started


22.05.2017 – With ISIS takeover in parts of Iraq in 2014 the University of Mosul has been forced to flee the city. Since 2015 the university offers a reduced but impressive academic program serving about 14.000 students in exile. TU Dortmund University has in April, under the leadership of Dr. Heike Wendt (IFS) and Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu (Faculty of Spatial Planning), successfully started a support-program, aiming at supporting young scientific staff members and developing strategies for the time after crisis. For a kick-off and development meetings the project leadership met the university presidency and staff members in Dohuk.


Early English Education at Primary school less effective than expected


10.05.2017 – In cooperation between the English Didactics of the Ruhr-University Bochum (Dr. Nils Jaekel und Prof. Markus Ritter) and the IFS within the project Ganz In the long-term effects of early english learning up from class one were evaluated. The early starters did better in class five however they were surpassed by their peers in class seven.
This result quickly agitated medial attention.


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