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Junior researchers conference

Junior researchers conference program - July 10th, 2019

We invite junior researchers who are engaged in research on systemic, social, and individual conditions of educational (in)equity to present and discuss their work in the context of the Fifth Dortmund Symposium on Empirical Educational Research.

The conference provides different options for academic exchange: (1) on July 10, 2019, doctoral students present and discuss their research in a moderated first poster presentation, followed by a joint evening dinner; (2) on July 11, 2019, junior researchers present their own research at the main conference and discuss it with designated experts in either a second poster presentation (doctoral students) or by presenting a short paper (postdocs).

In the moderated poster session, doctoral students will have three minutes to present their work and then discuss it in plenary session. The spotlights by postdocs are intended to give exactly five minutes for postdocs not only to attract the experts’ attention for the postdocs’ topics, approaches, and the results of their work but also to interest them in further discussions. One professor will be assigned to listen to and discuss each spotlight. The spotlight-presentations will then be published as part of an edited book in early 2020 (written in English with a length of approximately 27,000 characters including spaces and punctuation).

The participation fee is 79 €. A precondition for participation is that the poster presenter must attend the conference on both days (July 10, 2019 after 3 p.m. and July 11, 2019 until 5.45 p.m.).



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